My name is Megan, a student at East Durham College (Houghall campus). I am completing my Level 2 Diploma in Animal Care and will be moving next year onto the Level 3. I hope to go to University. I have used technology to assist me in my studies at college as I have a severe [...]

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EDUPUB… it sounds like the kind of place where tutors socialise over a pint of beer,  swapping ideas and stories. In a funny kind of way that’s almost what it is – but not for tutors. Its not even really for humans. It’s for the content and activities that humans navigate through in the process of learning. [...]

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In this video Matt demonstrates how he uses the TextGrabber app and the ClaroSpeak UK app to help with printed text.

View a transcript.

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My name is Luke and when I was born I was diagnosed with autism and ADD and I couldn’t speak until I was 5 years old because I was learning really slowly. Now that I’m older I learn things quicker.

At home I use a computer, an Xbox 360 and a TV and most of [...]

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I’m studying English GCSE, maths AS and engineering BTEC at St Vincent College.

I use technology a lot. For example I use my iPad to write up and access notes online and in class. The college is very technology-based especially for the maths and engineering so any feedback we get is via emails or on [...]

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My name is Jake and my story tells you about changing computer accessibility settings, talking watch and mobile phone accessibility settings.

I can go on the computer when I am at home and at college. I can get to college on time and know what time to come back after a break by using my [...]

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