Platform: iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad only).
Price: £13.49.
Useful for: Pictello can be used for a wide range of different uses including, talking books, schedules, stories to teach social skills or recall events, and sharing important events and memories with family and friends.

Pictello allows you to create stories with images, [...]

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My name is Megan, a student at East Durham College (Houghall campus). I am completing my Level 2 Diploma in Animal Care and will be moving next year onto the Level 3. I hope to go to University. I have used technology to assist me in my studies at college as I have a severe [...]

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EDUPUB… it sounds like the kind of place where tutors socialise over a pint of beer,  swapping ideas and stories. In a funny kind of way that’s almost what it is – but not for tutors. Its not even really for humans. It’s for the content and activities that humans navigate through in the process of learning. [...]

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In this video Matt demonstrates how he uses the TextGrabber app and the ClaroSpeak UK app to help with printed text.

View a transcript.

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My name is Luke and when I was born I was diagnosed with autism and ADD and I couldn’t speak until I was 5 years old because I was learning really slowly. Now that I’m older I learn things quicker.

At home I use a computer, an Xbox 360 and a TV and most of [...]

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I’m studying English GCSE, maths AS and engineering BTEC at St Vincent College.

I use technology a lot. For example I use my iPad to write up and access notes online and in class. The college is very technology-based especially for the maths and engineering so any feedback we get is via emails or on [...]

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