David’s Story

On March 20, 2014 By

David is currently studying performing arts and is into all things creative. In this audio file, David explains how he uses a variety of applications to create comic strips.

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David is a student at The Royal College for the Blind in Hereford and plans to study for a degree [...]

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Rosie’s Story

On March 19, 2014 By

Meet Rosie, a student at The Royal College for the Blind in Hereford.

In this video, Rosie explains how she uses voice over to help her read when she is tired or has a lot of text to get through.

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Rosie also demonstrates the ‘no glasses’ app which uses [...]

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There are many, many Open Education resources available on the internet for use in learning and teaching which are theoretically ‘Open’ to all, but fail to be re-used or repurposed because they are not accessible to students (and staff) with disabilities. I would venture to say I could probably find problems with 80% of them. [...]

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Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone.
Price: Free – £1.29 for Genius Scan, £2.19-£2.99 for Genius Scan + (at time of writing).
Useful for: Anyone who writes notes by hand and then needs to store them [...]

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Next Tuesday (11 Feb) is Safer Internet Day. The East Midlands e-safety project has produced a range of resources about online safety for adults with learning difficulties and/or disabilities.

The project defines e-Safety as “about safe and responsible practice with technology and the sensible management of risks presented by a digital world. There is a [...]

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Earlier this year we held a conference about e-books and accessibility – there were so many questions that we couldn’t answer them all at the time, so we sent them on to some of the library and disability staff who had attended to get their perspective. In this series we will post some of the [...]

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